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I am always happy to receive constructive criticism (and cock hehe x) Hi there, My name is Altair and I am a bisexual who has yet to come out. My tan is nice since I go on holiday every year and I have some nice muscles. It was Friday at school and Mark asked if he could come over since his parents were at a scuba diving cruise or something like that. Be at my house at 6." I acted like I was cool with it but I had always had something for Mark but never told him or anyone else to protect my reputation at school. I have felt the same way too Altair, since we got the whole night, lets have some fun.

Oh and for the good bit, 6" flaccid ;) One of my best friends Mark has jet black hair and hazel eyes witch reflect anything. I have been popular and brought girls home for the night several times. No commitments." Smiling at me with hands down his CK's, I was already undressing. His were already on the floor and he was tempting me so much with that fully erect MASSIVE 11" (I presume) meat.

Looking up on the bed I saw he brought some condoms and some KY-Jelly.

There was a sweet but very salty flavour to his white stuff. I then picked his head up and started kissing him passionately with the juice still in my mouth. I took my throbbing cock which you could see pumping (kinda weird! I think he was experiencing the same felling I was. Instead I just rammed it in and a huge moan was let out.

Now we were exchanging it from mouth to mouth and I managed to swallow it. Apologising, I continued slowly retracting and inserting my penis. I did exactly that and now it was like he was a machine. My balls were enlarging further and my penis was swelling fast.

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