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There's something indescribably appealing about escaping into the world of a movie—particularly those proposal scenes from our favorite romantic comedies.

Sure, your own real-life proposal will be just as memorable (if not more) as a big-screen engagement moment, but while you're waiting for your own handsome leading man to greet you on bended knee with a sparkling engagement ring, imagining yourself in the place of one of Hollywood's leading ladies is perfectly acceptable.

"When Scarlett's (Vivien Leigh) husband Frank (Carroll Nye) is killed, Rhett (Clark Gable) wastes no time swooping in and proposing to Scarlett.

Disgusted, she snaps, "You really are the most ill-bred man to come here at a time like this!

Isabel (Julia Roberts) is a wonderful stepmother to Luke's (Ed Harris) two kids, and he shows his love to her by proposing.

Yet along the way, they really do fall in love—even when their ruse is exposed.

Before she gets deported, he says in front of their whole office, "Marry me...because I'd like to date you."Julia (Drew Barrymore) was never actually going to marry Glenn (Matthew Glave) and become Julia Guglia, right?

His ring box is filled with a spool of thread, and he asks her to never give up on "the choice to love each other, even if it's only by a thread." She promises to never break the thread.

Jamie (Colin Firth) is a Brit who falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper, even though they can't speak a word of the same language.

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