Updating rockbox

You must ensure you download the correct version for your player.

To automatically install Rockbox, download the official installer and housekeeping tool Configure). If autodetection fails or is unable to detect the mountpoint, make sure to enter the correct values.

The mountpoint indicates the location of the player in your filesystem.

On Windows, this is the drive letter the player gets assigned, on other systems this is a path in the filesystem.

On Linux you need to know the mount point of your player.

There are three separate components, two of which need to be installed in order to run Rockbox.The current build is built at each source code change to the Rockbox SVN repository and represents the current state of Rockbox development.This means that the build could contain bugs but most of the time is safe to use.In most cases these will already be available on your computer, but if not, installing some additional software might be necessary.To transfer Rockbox to your player you need to connect it to your computer.

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