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The first offense is outlined in Section 276 covers unwanted sexual intercourse through threats, physical harm, or exploitation.The punishment for this crime is imprisonment from four to twenty years and a fine of eight to forty thousand baht.If the offense is for a person under the age of eighteen but over fifteen, the period of imprisonment is from three to fifteen years.

Tags: criminal defense attorney, criminal law in thailand, sex crimes in thailand, thai criminal defense attorney, thai criminal defense lawyer, thai criminal law, thai sex crimes penalties, thailand sex crimes Category: Criminal Law, Litigation Mr. Virasin is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science, Mr.Any person who advertises or solicits through documents or printed material for prostitution shall be liable for imprisonment of six months to two years and a fine of ten thousand to forty thousand baht.If someone gratifies their sexual desire with a person over the age of 15 but not over 18 years of age shall be liable for imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of twenty to sixty thousand baht.Anyone who commits an act of indecency toward a child under the age of 15 shall be liable for imprisonment for up to ten years and a fine of twenty thousand baht.If the act of indecency was commit through threats or fraud, the offender will be liable for imprisonment of up to fifteen years.

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