Second life login failed updating friends list

Usually you want the person with the fastest connection or the fastest machine to host the server.

Don't use netbooks or old PCs for hosts, there will likely be lag.

It features a contact list (independent of your Second Life friends list) which enables you to send messages to any resident.

You must buy a Droid SL Server on the Second Life Marketplace at then rez it on your land and follow the on-screen instructions.

Allow it to access the network, then restart the game and repeat everything from 2A.1.

This makes sure Minecraft actually starts the server without getting blocked.

RAM is extremely important, the more RAM the server gets, the better, especially if you plan on having lots of players, building large structures or farming large amounts of monsters.

If it's your first time hosting a game, Windows Firewall may pop up asking you to let Java (or Minecraft) through.

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