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Which treatment you’re offered depends on your health authority's policy.Anti-D is made from the plasma of human blood, given by donors.

This will mean there’s a mismatch between your rhesus status and your baby’s rhesus status.

But western Europeans carry it at a very high rate, Basques at about 40%. That the Rhesus positive blood type is a relatively recent mutation, probably from the horn of Africa, that has swept across a pre existing, global population of humans and replacing them.

Or that there was a massive input of Rhesus negative blood types relatively recently, and mainly occurring in central Europe, and we are actively in the process of selecting it out. It also fits with the increasing occurrence of occipital buns as you go back into the iron and bronze age.

The first appearance of Malaria must have been after farming developed, and it probably erased nearly all the first farming civilisations, and killed off whole populations across the tropical zone.

Only hunter gatherers with very low population densities could have survived this, like the Khoisan and the Pygmies.

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