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Growth in female binge drinking now by far exceeds their male counterparts.Binge drinking has also become extremely popular with young people (in highschool or college).Komasaufen ist auch besonders bei jungen Leuten (Schueler Innen, jungen Student Innen) sehr beliebt geworden.Einge halten es gar fuer eine neue Jugendmode._____________________________________Group rules:1.Very often people (especially women) enter into binge drinking to achieve just this.While binge drinking has been a traditional male prerogative, the number of women who participate in binge drinking has steeply risen.Any modern or vintage, amateur or pro, older/younger and straight girl seductions are welcome.Scenes should not contain men or trans in a sexual role, heavy bondage, pain or humiliation, nor vomit, scat or pee. maybe pee.) my gf is a nurse and one of her nursing colleagues is a hot russian girl with a policeman for a bf.

Das Wachstum von weiblichem Komasaufen uebersteigt nun bei weitem das der Maenner.

Some assume this has become a youth fashion now._____________________________________Komasaufen ist das deutsche Wort fuer "binge drinking".

Diese Gruppe ist fuer Komasaufen und zuegellosen Sex.

Gesundheits-Argumente sollten niemals fuer moralische Vorschriften missbraucht werden.

This is a group strictly for scenes of Lesbian Seduction.

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