Anthony cumia dating model

Taleeb Starkes discusses confederate-named schools. East Side Dave talks to Jimmy Mac about Star Wars theories.Robert O'Neill tells Anthony about killing Bin Laden.East Side Dave talks to Jimmy Mac about Star Wars rumors. NYC Crime Report covers a man dragged in a road rage incident. Michael Malice talks to Laura Loomer about her interrupting a play.

Juliet Huddy tells Mornin' with Bill Schulz how Trump tried to kiss her. Kevin Brennan talks to Ian Fidance about being bisexual. Artie, Anthony, and Dave Landau test out their gay southern accent.Mornin' with Bill Schulz discusses the Matt Lauer story. Taleeb Starkes finds out about the Church of Satan. East Side Dave plays Is It Legal with his attorney Neal Unger. Michael Malice and Jeremie Ruby-Strauss discuss Diary of an Oxygen Thief. Taleeb Starkes looks into the ads Russia bought on social media.East Side Dave gives his demo for the WFAN morning show. Michael Malice talks to David Pietrusza about his political books. Artie and Anthony talk about the NYC terror attack. with Bill Schulz talks about the Hollywood scandals with Lauren Sivan and Ann Coulter. East Side Dave honors The Rocky Horror Picture Show.But the fun atmosphere quickly turned sour when Stewart, 54, stood up for a surprise performance but not before he got into a swearing match with Opie & Anthony’s Cumia.When Cumia, 56, went to shake the former talk show host’s hand, he was met with Stewart firing expletives at him.

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